Careers / Internships

Big Red Rooster Flow is a process management firm which helps Fortune 1000 companies improve merchandising and branding at retail. We have a fun, jocose atmosphere where we celebrate wins and mourn losses as a team. Before we go on, go ahead and Google jocose… no worries, we had to look it up to be sure we were using it properly.

If you are interested in being a contributor at a growing company, we’d like to talk. If you’re not interested in being a contributor, there’s a small X in the top right hand corner of your window. Click it now.

Our requirements for specific skills and knowledge are open-ended, but an attention to detail and an inherently organized personality are highly regarded. In whatever job we put you in, our goal is to make you a critical link in our processes chain. And we hope we don’t need to remind you about the whole weakest link chain analogy.

Here are some keywords that we find interesting: retail – customer support – brand management – project management – printing – manufacturing – concept art – awesomeness.

We’re looking for candidates who can successfully navigate to and from our offices in Northfield, Illinois. In fact, getting to and from work is a prerequisite, so it’s a good thing we thought to mention it now.

Below is a listing of available career opportunities within BRRFlow.