BRRFlow uses integrated system modules to manage everything from your brand conversions to e-commerce and individual site attribute data. Our systems create a streamlined management process giving project stakeholders immediate access to information like project status and details, site information, reporting, etc.

Our systems maintain site orders, invoices, technical drawings, site renderings and anything else that needs to be accessed by the brand, vendors, contractors and our project staff. This ensures that all the involved stakeholders are working from the same information, timelines and specifications.


The Flow System manages the process of projects and orders that require several steps, timelines, KPIs, and alerts to suppliers, managers and operations.  This tool ensures that critical elements of a process are followed, approved and implemented so that the end result is consistent and within brand standards.


The Site Attribute Manager (SAM) is an online repository and reporting tool for individual retail site information. It is used to manage and review the unique attributes of each retail site in real time. The SAM ensures the most accurate and up to date information is used for any retail initiatives such as marketing programs, production quantities of print materials, vendor shipments, etc.


We realize that retail owners and managers don’t always have the time to call our customer support center to order items like signage, merchandising hardware and branding decals.  So, we have built an effective e-catalog module that helps approved users to order the items they need for their branded sites quickly.


This interactive module provides a tool that retailers can use to configure elements or products that can be assembled a variety of ways, produce a quote and finally place an order.   The tool controls how and which items can be ordered for selected brand elements (signs, displays, merchandisers, etc.).


Our mobile application helps you continue to be on the move. This has been taken into consideration when building our systems. They aren’t only accessible from your desktop computer, but also from any mobile device you may own. Information can be input in real time, on site or in your car for that matter, with our “moving mobile” technology.