Flow System

The Flow System manages the process of projects and orders that require several steps, timelines, KPIs, and alerts to suppliers, managers and operations.  This tool ensures that critical elements of a process are followed, approved and implemented so that the end result is consistent and within brand standards.


Site branding and re-imaging requires part orders from multiple suppliers, approvals and logistics coordination to ensure the correct elements are ordered, produced, shipped and installed correctly and on time. Flow tracks and manages each step of the typical process.  This module accommodates long-term storage for your project documents, allowing you to reference historical details with the click of your computer.

Customized reports can be created based on your brand’s needs. They can be created at any step during the set-up process or developed at a later date.


Brand Standard Consistency  |  Customized to fit the approval steps and image requirements of the brand.

Accuracy |  Timeline Manager ensures parts (custom and standard) are ordered and arrive on time to the correct site or installer.

Brand Standard Consistency  |  Alerts (email and text) can be set by user to identify potential delays or oversights in the process

Efficiency  |  Quoting function allows the user to configure their product(s) and review costs before ordering.

Efficiency  |  Multiple payment process capability provides flexibility to process payments through, invoicing, credit card, EFT, etc.

Accuracy  |  Reporting allows users to quickly pull ad-hoc and standard reports customized to their needs.