Site Attribute Manager

The Site Attribute Manager (SAM) is an online repository and reporting tool for individual retail site information. It is used to manage and review the unique attributes of each retail site in real time. The SAM ensures the most accurate and up to date information is used for any retail initiatives such as marketing programs, production quantities of print materials, vendor shipments, etc.  Data fields can be set for customizing by approved users.

Additionally, field surveys, using the mobile app, are able to be uploaded automatically into the SAM system eliminating several steps in the typical process and avoiding translation errors.


Every retail site has specifications that differ from others within the same brand. This system allows their brand to keep up-to date information. The SAM allows field management, retailers, call center reps to update their information in real time.  This information is then accessible to all those it affects. The SAM database allows for upload and download of photos, fixtures, POP displays, window and door visuals, store configurations, and more.

There are hundreds of stores across a large geographic area for most brands.  The SAM system allows the brand to create and store data that can be time consuming, costly and difficult to update. The SAM makes all relevant store information easy to access creating less cost, minimal timelines, and efficient project processes.


Savings  |  Customizable for brand specific needs.

Brand Standards Consistency & Efficiency  |  Site photos and video allow viewers to quickly see the site without a store visit.

Efficiency  |  Email polling and survey function provides a quick and easy way to get attributes updated in the SAM automatically.

Accountability  |  Audit Trail tracks every change in the system so that accountability for data accuracy is easily identified.

Accuracy & Efficiency  |  User Defined Reporting allows users to quickly pull ad-hoc and standard reports customized to their needs.

Savings  |  Sites won’t spend money on items not needed in their branding initiatives.