Virtual Image Tool

This virtual image tool (VIT) module provides a tool that allows users to configure elements or products that can be assembled a variety of ways, produce a quote and finally place an order. The VIT controls how and which items can be ordered for selected brand elements such as signs, displays, merchandisers, etc.

“Drag and drop” rules and brand hierarchy programming ensure that only brand approved elements can be assembled.


An example use for the VIT is for main identity signs (MID). MIDs usually come in a variety of sizes and configurations in order to meet site restrictions, marketing offers and other factors. Typically, detailed specs for each configuration is established (i.e. hierarchy of messages, pricing sizes, sign mount type, etc.). Using the VIT, the brand can be certain that retail sites order only “brand approved” MID configurations.


Brand Standard Consistency  |  Customizable and simple to change or add items, pricing and specs.

Efficiency |  Drag and drop provides simple configuring for the user.

Efficiency  |  Pricing and quote function allows the user to quickly see a cost estimate for the element configured.

Brand Standard Consistency  |  Print function allows the user to print a color image of the configured element. This is useful for presenting concepts to municipalities, retailer, etc. for review and approval.

Brand Standard Consistency  |  Restricted access levels make it simple to allow only certain elements to be available to specific users.